Exclusive Ibogaine Retreat

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Ibogaine Couselling Services (ICS) provides guidance to people undergoing ibogaine and other plant medicine treatments for addiction in order to ensure that their experience leads to a lasting recovery rather than just another detox.


Our team consists of registered Section 21 natural healers, counsellors, GMO free farmers and engineers.

We continually research natural products that will benefit cells to perform at optimal ability.

Iboga Family

Welcome to the Iboga Family, the Global Ibogaine Community.

Are you ready for an Iboga/Ibogaine Treatment to heal from addiction, depression and much more. 

Here you can find a list of Ibogaine Centers and Facilitators from all around the world. We also selected Helpers for Coaching and Aftercare for you. 

We made a selection for you about this magical healing plant, called Tabernanthe Iboga.


At MediFin we provide alternate payment solutions for clients, allowing them to move forward with their treatment or procedure sooner rather than later.

Finance your Ibogaine Treatment through us.


Paul Carlos is a certified 500h Y.A.I yoga instructor with over 6000  hours of teaching experience, Originally certifying in the B.K.S Iyengar Yoga school Paul went on later to develop his own style and registered Sacred Spiral Yoga.