Exclusive Ibogaine Retreat


We offer a range of highly effective and individually tailored treatment programs administered in a nurturing, supportive and safe environment.


Pre-Admission Procedures

The first step The patient is required to fill in our Patient Information Sheet. Lead Facilitator Anita Viviers together with our GP will advise the way forwards. This is a crucial stage of the process as some prescription medications are contradictory to the Ibogaine medicine.

You are required to provide the following Medical Tests

    • 1. Heart Stress ECG
      2. Liver and Kidney Function Test
      3. Toxicology Report
      4. Pregnancy Test (If female)

    • Then submit them via Email or Whats App to our Lead facilitator which will in turn consult with our resident GP for evaluation; this is to ensure your eligibility for the Ibogaine Detoxification Program before you make the decision to travel.

Arrival and Orientation

Upon arrival at our treatment facility at 11am, you will be informed of our code of conduct, take a tour of our premises, body & luggage search will be done.

  • We have the utmost respect for your privacy, and your possessions will be kept safe in a locked safe. We must follow this protocol to ensure your safety while under our care. A psychological Assessment will be done by our Psychologist for feedback and discussion later during the week. Our number one priority is your safety and physical well-being.

This policy is identical to what you will encounter in any other in-patient, medically-based treatment program and most rehabilitation centers.

  • You will hand over your car key, smart-phone, tablet, laptop, and/or most other internet-connected electronic devices at 2pm, prior to the treatment which starts at 6pm. You will be allowed to have them back, usually after the third day of treatment. This is for the patient to process what they’ve experienced during the Ibogaine detox process, integrate and spend quiet time to reflect & integrate.
  • Patients, who  are physically dependent on heroin, morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, or any other opioid drugs, will receive regular doses of Ibogaine 100mg or 1500mg of Iboga Rootbark to alleviate withdrawal symptoms before 6pm. You will not be dope sick or go through withdrawal. We will keep you comfortable prior to receiving the full flood dose of Ibogaine. 
  • Slow Ibogaine Protocol will be follow with patients with Prolonged QT.

After the baggage and body search you will be guided to your private room to settle in and unpack your luggage and personal hygienic belongings.

A light lunch will be served at 13:00.

  • An intake interview will be conducted where you will be asked to provide short overview of your life and any trauma that lead to your addiction, with our lead facilitator; this includes a recorded psychological evaluation, which will be evaluated by our clinical psychologist afterwards.

Q&A: These questionnaires will help us to get a better idea of your background and history with substance use, how you feel about yourself, the state of your quality of life and your mental, emotional and physical health. This information will be helpful in your relapse prevention and follow-up counseling sessions.

  • You will be introduced to our friendly staff members and a tour of our facilities and gardens to familiarize yourself with your home for the week.
  • At 17:00 you will be asked to retire to your private room to prepare yourself for the treatment and to set up your intentions, as it is important that you be with yourself and without the interference of others prior to the treatment.
  • Treatment starts 18:00 with the first dose of Ibogaine. The exact dose you receive is dependent on your body weight. We will administer 200mg Ibogaine on the hour until the full (flood) dose has been reached.

After ingesting Ibogaine, within 45 minutes to an hour and a half you will experience a tingling sensation of warmth spreading throughout your body; usually this begins in your solar plexus and spreads through your body. You may hear humming or buzzing sounds that might come or go or might stay with you during the night.

While Ibogaine is not a “classic” entheogenic substance or hallucinogen (it has very low affinity at the 5-HT2A receptor), it is considered an oneirogenic molecule. From roughly hour 1 onwards, you will begin experiencing the visionary phase.. The very intense visions of Phase I, will last from 4-6-8 hours and depends from person to person.

After 4-6 hours have passed, you will enter Phase II, the cognitive stage. In our experience this is the most important part of your treatment. It has been described in medical literature as forced psychoanalysis or ‘joining the dots’. It’s a very introspective state where you are faced with the core issues surrounding your drug dependence and lifestyle choices. This state will last anywhere from 12 to 36 hours. The second day is Integration day, by Wednesday morning 6am the 36 hour physical effects would have subsided completely.

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